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Calcudoku:4×45×56×68×812×127×7Killer SudokuSudoku
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24 May 2012   Show solution   Rating:
Points: 3 (solved 70 time(s) so far)
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Note: in this puzzle, use the numbers from -2 to 2 instead of 1-5 !
To enter a negative number, first press the number, then the - key. To enter a negative guess, press Ctrl + the number
(so Ctrl+2 to enter -2 as a guess, for example)(use Shift + number for positive number guesses)

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This type of puzzle is known as Calcudoku, Newdoku, Rekendoku, MathDoku, Kashikoku-Naru, KenKen, Kendoku, Sumdoku, Calkuro, K-Doku, Keen, NekNek, CanCan, Square Wisdom, Emono, Minuplu, LatinCalc, Yukendo, ArithmeGrid, Hitoshii, Inky, SquareLogic, TomTom, and if you know of any other names, let me know :-). Of these names, "KenKen" and "KenDoku" are trademarks of Nextoy LLC. Note that this is a hobby site, and is not affiliated with Nextoy nor their brands.
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