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The latest solution today was submitted by:   ggke  be flag  (5×5, 2 punten)
(which was solved puzzle number 5610437)

The 5 newest members (with at least 1 point):
1 Ann 17777 (1)   us flag   2 rakrok (18)   th flag
3 katherina (11)   pl flag   4 Ryan 17774 (15)   us flag   5 chemien (6)   nl flag

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Australia and New Zealand, Last 7 Days
1bestbigsis  au flag370
2wm3003  au flag328
3jamesh9000 nz flag321

4ciccioneddu au flag311
5ric3142  starnz flag252
6lmc au flag227
7sbs10pm au flag201
8herc au flag194
9ineedanameau flag160
10Michael 11238nz flag143
11jimnznz flag138
12tuglatonic nz flag135
13andreanz flag102
14rmnau flag84
15kmdwyer au flag67
16clear au flag56
17abudd5au flag51
18toothless au flag41
19mdaniel au flag37
20maddieau flag18
21shanadyau flag13
22beosconz flag3
23piroshi au flag2

Users with less than 20 points and who have not submitted a solution in the past week are not shown.
If you're curious: my username is pnm