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The latest solution today was submitted by:   carven65  nl flag  (8×8, 8 punten)
(which was solved puzzle number 5148193)

The 5 newest members (with at least 1 point):
1 bubi39 (13)   it flag   2 jofre (3)   ge flag
3 ubg (7)   gb flag   4 shion (1)   ja flag   5 cam_hamilton1 (3)   ca flag

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Japan, Last 7 Days
1saru  starja flag380
2natsuyagi  starja flag357
3mas  starja flag348

4calma49  starja flag330
5ryukyuaoiumi starja flag321
6ushi3tu ja flag246
7kenmoman  starja flag227
8tsmthnja flag210
9luonzeroja flag206
10bin starja flag204
11tkyja flag199
12yurikoja flag164
13dekain ja flag151
14kimkim ja flag145
15bara ja flag132
16odorikoja flag131
17sawaja flag125
18yutty88ja flag118
19umekitija flag116
20belunja flag114
21wtl ja flag113
22pezja flag100
23hiro23ja flag98
24ateamja flag85
25kenyja flag80
25ogakazzja flag80
27ttaruja flag79
28mimichannja flag71
29syysja flag65
30hydeja flag60
31yatsudakja flag55
32songoflittlebirdja flag54
33chie777ja flag37
34setsuja flag35
35minmin18ja flag33
36oyatsuja flag30
36ryoihokoja flag30
38koshija flag27
39yutamayaakaneja flag25
39murasaja flag25
41yuzugoshoja flag24
42tomatomatoja flag21
43fourwindsja flag18
44shigepija flag15
45jimmypapaja flag13
45good_job_shioja flag13
45shiro_kumaja flag13
48darui07ja flag10
48kainja flag10
50gp_16864ja flag9
50yoko27ja flag9
5280115ja flag8
53fumikoja flag7
54hayato1207ja flag6
55hinagataja flag5
56chiroruja flag4
57Junichi 15207ja flag3
58ingja flag2
58ericottonja flag2
58qcrkja flag2
61mas411ja flag1
61shionja flag1

Users with less than 20 points and who have not submitted a solution in the past week are not shown.
If you're curious: my username is pnm