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The latest solution today was submitted by:   kwc  ca flag  (4×4, 2 points)
(which was solved puzzle number 5623751)

The 5 newest members (with at least 1 point):
1 vanessasolis (8)   us flag   2 lafless (11)   ja flag
3 dmitche3 (107)   us flag   4 alic3 (15)   ca flag   5 stcritchlow (13)   us flag

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USA, Last 7 Days
1louisagro us flag64
2slevine7 us flag63
3mparisi  starus flag56

3cecileb  starus flag56

3ray us flag56

3kadelson  starus flag56

3panther us flag56

3quiescentcat us flag56

3mmatton us flag56

3joeyxiv us flag56

11pharosian us flag48
11maffoo us flag48
11dab  starus flag48
11diane123 us flag48
11tsa us flag48
16Ellie 5016 us flag40
16aaa us flag40
16eutaxy us flag40
16bobjackiewicz us flag40
16xevious us flag40
16Wes 15164 us flag40
16eclipsegirl us flag40
16magic us flag40
24rongoodman us flag32
2412341234 us flag32
24bblaugh us flag32
27Erin 132 us flag24
27jonz us flag24
27sjs34  starus flag24
27altrades us flag24
27Diana 8473 us flag24
32dpd us flag16
32peteski us flag16
32jaek us flag16
32afem us flag16
32Joseph 15364 us flag16
32freeflynick us flag16
32wjgjr us flag16
32sewn5 us flag16
40jpassaro us flag15
41rtfpaf us flag8
41tom us flag8
41rossiniman us flag8
41clementine1 us flag8
41txoldgeezer us flag8
41Steven 14033 us flag8
41twig us flag8
41soulcell us flag8
41dmitche3 us flag8

Users with less than 20 points and who have not submitted a solution in the past week are not shown.
If you're curious: my username is pnm