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The latest solution today was submitted by:   fuzzystat  tw flag  (4×4, 2 分)
(which was solved puzzle number 5176803)

The 5 newest members (with at least 1 point):
1 Jeremy 17027 (24)   au flag   2 jml (6)   es flag
3 ekjoekjo (14)   nl flag   4 sosostris (11)   us flag   5 Cláudia 17019 (5)   be flag

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USA, Last 7 Days
1sjs34  starus flag430
2mparisi  starus flag423
3kadelson us flag411

4clementine1  starus flag397
5twinglemom  starus flag377
6panther us flag359
7maffoo us flag344
8joeyxiv us flag337
9quiescentcat us flag331
10tom us flag322
11ray us flag321
12xingu starus flag316
13cecileb us flag306
14jnjohns2 starus flag304
15danaburnsus flag302
15wjgjr  starus flag302
17mbyus flag288
18diane123 us flag284
19louisagro us flag282
20skeeter84us flag274
21dab us flag267
22twig us flag262
23butzus flag260
24jwufus flag241
25kendus flag235
25osoloko starus flag235
27frankmanus flag234
28oldmathtchr us flag232
29xevious us flag226
30eclipsegirl us flag220
31Diana 8473 us flag217
32Ellie 5016 us flag215
32Steven 14033 us flag215
34boblutz starus flag213
35nashvillebuddus flag209
36campbellbassoonus flag202
37Brian 7570us flag197
38ucdus flag192
39soulcell us flag191
40usernameus flag187
41pumpan1 starus flag186
42peteski us flag181
42downtownus flag181
42Joseph 15364 us flag181
45aapus flag177
46rongoodman us flag176
47svb starus flag175
48veyjus flag174
49sallyann us flag170
50bobjackiewicz us flag166
51padf starus flag160
52mmatton us flag158
53aaa us flag157
54dpdus flag150
54altrades us flag150
56rossiniman us flag148
56J.D. 3224 starus flag148
56jeff1851us flag148
59gscoutjus flag146
60skipsterut us flag143
60slevine7 us flag143
60mhous flag143
63azbeachbumus flag141
64andreasearlsus flag140
65drvus flag139
66paulychungus flag134
66bblaugh us flag134
68bunliceus flag132
69mperezus flag130
70maestro starus flag125
70rdunnivanus flag125
72pboneputtus flag122
73howtoquityouus flag121
74kmf07011 us flag117
75evandus flag115
75kbrownellcvus flag115
77d13us flag114
78jaykearneyus flag113
78eutaxy us flag113
78ps2us flag113
814doodleus flag112
82c3a3m3us flag111
82arkteckus flag111
84pharosian us flag110
85Wes 15164us flag106
86dwlus flag104
87Erin 132 us flag103
88prkhouryus flag102
89qaqus flag100
90dparthus flag99
91Meade 473us flag97
92lpchevelleus flag95
93ekogan us flag94
93keithact1us flag94
93numberpetus flag94
96mathandnutellaus flag92
97Sean 15485us flag89
98werner us flag88
99Rob 7231us flag85
99fishgirl starus flag85
101billybootlig684us flag82
101annus flag82
1011jbwus flag82
104rleithus flag80
105gerryus flag78
105txoldgeezer us flag78
105k8gigglesus flag78
108lexmanxus flag75
109sfox us flag74
110jd2beatsus flag73
111csears1185us flag72
112leebius flag70
113l1rangerus flag69
114vnpar13us flag67
115jyungbluthus flag66
116shirous flag65
117paul7044 us flag60
117skookleus flag60
119starchild49us flag58
120mlbus flag57
121jpassaro us flag56
121jrichrus flag56
123komarius flag53
124mrbus flag52
125msbus flag51
126rexi44us flag49
127puckus flag46
128clydeus flag44
129iamgreat228us flag43
129Douglas 13019 us flag43
129deuceus flag43
132tobrienus flag42
132carolyn us flag42
132tyler_crackerus flag42
132jlhart17us flag42
132marks911us flag42
132Dan 16136us flag42
138billw3us flag41
138evpus flag41
140cmbusch619us flag40
141david33us flag37
142kwwus flag35
143marcychetus flag34
143bp0319us flag34
143vleamon777us flag34
146tjdenteus flag33
147carmcalc us flag32
148fourstrongwindsus flag31
149randiman us flag30
149Rachel 16988us flag30
151rtfpaf us flag28
151mattodellus flag28
153Kat 3626us flag27
153bcoll60 us flag27
153vcaruz13us flag27
156Marc 9796us flag24
156erickjellesvikus flag24
158ahabus flag23
159richmizeus flag22
160Alex 2159us flag21
161brough2us flag20
161Sara 12056us flag20
161rivermanus flag20
161jerrysus flag20
165gvalus flag19
165gsmith21120 us flag19
165kdavies7099us flag19
168fridagirlus flag18
169ddfirstus flag17
170mhjelmus flag16
170sambayer us flag16
170otisus flag16
173swamphogus flag15
174afem us flag14
175ratson us flag12
176amilous flag11
176sosostrisus flag11
178subsus flag10
179freeflynickus flag9
179imabrat80us flag9
181dgmannsus flag8
181Ray 6785us flag8
181Karen 8273 us flag8
181seanus flag8
185rhjohnson9us flag7
186ecubedwaus flag6
186dougschulerus flag6
188Andrea 135us flag5
1881234us flag5
188David 13334us flag5
188ronosherus flag5
192sheldonclarkus flag3
192robbierocheleauus flag3
192hhaaron us flag3
192Alexander 15646us flag3
192elizus flag3
192Lynda 17000us flag3
192rluth7873us flag3
199ysthus flag2
200millieus flag1
200hills711us flag1

Users with less than 20 points and who have not submitted a solution in the past week are not shown.
If you're curious: my username is pnm