5x5 Americas Timed Puzzle Rankings

Each day, you will get points for your fastest time for each puzzle size:
5 points for the fastest time, then 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 for 2nd-10th place, and 1 point for everyone else.

  4x4        5x5    6x6    8x8  

The last 5x5 timed puzzle was solved by:   Kayoko 20799     in 3 min 8.720 sec
(Number of solved 5x5 timed puzzles: 262170)

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Today's best times (5x5, Americas)
1aap26.911 sec
2kadelson30.452 sec
3jaek31.185 sec

4jpgpp34.548 sec
5Benjamin 1801735.690 sec
6wjgjr38.885 sec
7mparisi42.405 sec
8mby44.626 sec
9kenkenanyway47.638 sec
10bschwart47.800 sec
11joeyxiv52.386 sec
12fmcs53.559 sec
13manuel55.327 sec
14silverscreen56.126 sec
15beaker58.460 sec
16shiro1 min 1.488 sec
17oldmathtchr1 min 5.432 sec
18nashvillebudd1 min 6.453 sec
19hexose1 min 7.429 sec
20frederick1 min 24.880 sec
21gpannaci1 min 30.814 sec
22marblevolcano1 min 34.200 sec
23wjm1 min 52.246 sec
24ofszombie2 min 20.624 sec
25hdjonathan2 min 21.834 sec
26diane1232 min 57.942 sec
27clementine13 min 29.249 sec

Each started but unfinished puzzle is counted as having taken 18 minutes to solve.
If you're curious: my username is pnm

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