5x5 World Timed Puzzle Rankings

Each day, you will get points for your fastest time for each puzzle size:
5 points for the fastest time, then 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 for 2nd-10th place, and 1 point for everyone else.

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The last 5x5 timed puzzle was solved by:   mparisi     in 43.396 sec
(Number of solved 5x5 timed puzzles: 183433)

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Today's best times (5x5, World)
1sheldolina16.778 sec
2kozibrada18.953 sec
3jpoos20.326 sec

4angelwhite22.963 sec
5nika9923.178 sec
6kadelson23.210 sec
7briga24.370 sec
8jyungbluth29.397 sec
9albusdumbledore29.659 sec
10aap30.876 sec
11saru34.567 sec
12mallejantje34.851 sec
13leelupin34.934 sec
14angryclown35.417 sec
15fuzzystat40.248 sec
16dorolein41.161 sec
17fun201241.230 sec
18wjgjr42.453 sec
19mparisi43.396 sec
20joeyxiv44.486 sec
21daiyoko45.541 sec
22discordia47.154 sec
23eutaxy47.983 sec
24pharosian48.945 sec
25kenkenanyway50.099 sec
26mas50.689 sec
27clm53.024 sec
28nina53.171 sec
29mara5554.759 sec
30oldmathtchr59.233 sec
31jwuf1 min 0.151 sec
32swob1 min 0.779 sec
33Benjamin 180171 min 4.339 sec
346sam61 min 5.671 sec
35tjiep1 min 6.893 sec
36shiro1 min 8.078 sec
37ryukyuaoiumi1 min 8.621 sec
38digit1 min 10.695 sec
39cvansomeren1 min 16.406 sec
40Wayne 158991 min 20.791 sec
41אורן 188561 min 23.218 sec
42Stephen 112711 min 27.975 sec
43muis1 min 29.764 sec
44giulio3331 min 31.587 sec
45default1 min 32.244 sec
46calma491 min 33.037 sec
47tomc1 min 36.133 sec
48beaker1 min 37.770 sec
49abctje1 min 38.339 sec
50walaykao1 min 39.719 sec
51tomoyo1 min 45.425 sec
52dab1 min 45.963 sec
53silverscreen1 min 52.941 sec
54hockeyjob2 min 3.738 sec
55tralphs2 min 3.745 sec
56nashvillebudd2 min 12.092 sec
57likehell2 min 15.240 sec
58karlyang2 min 17.264 sec
59Marco 145522 min 23.676 sec
60fzpowerman472 min 24.650 sec
61bschwart2 min 25.342 sec
62clementine12 min 27.170 sec
63bin2 min 30.775 sec
64mnt2 min 34.890 sec
65nba2 min 41.394 sec
66irinna2 min 49.710 sec
67valter3 min 8.968 sec
68peter663 min 17.245 sec
69lecluyse3 min 31.148 sec
70hogech3 min 49.844 sec
719874 min 1.408 sec
72bubi394 min 8.789 sec
73kpetre4 min 24.023 sec
74yuriko6 min 15.060 sec
75cuvansu7 min 48.193 sec
76gerrip10 min 16.329 sec
77kimkim56 min 58.900 sec

Each started but unfinished puzzle is counted as having taken 18 minutes to solve.
If you're curious: my username is pnm

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