5x5 World Timed Puzzle Rankings

Each day, you will get points for your fastest time for each puzzle size:
5 points for the fastest time, then 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 for 2nd-10th place, and 1 point for everyone else.

  4x4        5x5    6x6    8x8  

The last 5x5 timed puzzle was solved by:   ric3142     in 42.580 sec
(Number of solved 5x5 timed puzzles: 155062)

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Today's best times (5x5, World)
1saru18.063 sec
2leelupin26.650 sec
3walaykao28.205 sec

4kozibrada28.818 sec
5angryclown29.712 sec
6aap32.192 sec
7osoloko33.777 sec
8kadelson34.514 sec
9fuzzystat35.635 sec
10fzpowerman4735.964 sec
11erica_c37.559 sec
12mby40.892 sec
13ric314242.580 sec
14clm45.859 sec
15eutaxy46.174 sec
16sjs3448.429 sec
17kenkenanyway52.497 sec
18angelwhite56.667 sec
19default56.874 sec
20briga58.090 sec
21firefly1 min 2.364 sec
22herc1 min 3.221 sec
23louisagro1 min 3.293 sec
24pharosian1 min 3.438 sec
25digit1 min 8.615 sec
26mara551 min 10.627 sec
27geppetto1 min 12.254 sec
28cvansomeren1 min 19.738 sec
29beaker1 min 22.429 sec
30Glenn 130461 min 23.705 sec
31mnt1 min 29.140 sec
32calma491 min 31.154 sec
33mas1 min 43.959 sec
34Michael 112381 min 46.787 sec
35tomc2 min 0.170 sec
36muis2 min 3.757 sec
37gerrip2 min 9.969 sec
38aldose2 min 26.184 sec
39bbontemp2 min 49.357 sec
40xnyhps2 min 54.597 sec
41fmcs2 min 58.374 sec
429981zt3 min 58.739 sec
43sverchok4 min 18.876 sec
44ptica4 min 43.516 sec
45ryukyuaoiumi5 min 50.649 sec
46hogech6 min 4.488 sec
47carven656 min 26.587 sec
48diane1239 min 36.310 sec
49nashvillebudd12 min 49.598 sec

Each started but unfinished puzzle is counted as having taken 18 minutes to solve.
If you're curious: my username is pnm

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