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Puzzle 8x8 (thursday Apr 05, 2012): Frustrating situation
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Author:  clm  [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Puzzle 8x8 (thursday Apr 05, 2012): Frustrating situation

A good friend (with not a high “30 days average”) called me yesterday evening very frustrated (usually does not send many big puzzles, right?), because having arrived to the below situation (several times, erasing and recommencing) and thinking that the solution was impossible or that something was wrong in the puzzle, that the cage h1-h2 should be “2mod” instead of “1mod”, finally gave up.

I had the solution in paper (I usually print the big puzzles because I like doing them anywhere: in the airplanes, meetings, lectures, … , or even doing “footing” or driving, this last not very recommended [biggrin], enjoying the separate pieces, the cages, like a good wine, let’s say a "Vega Sicilia Único 1972", that’s why in most cases I cann’t really calculate how much time those puzzles take me, it’s more an “integral” than a continuous process). My answer was: “You are slightly wrong, 'amigo mío', the solution is unique and the puzzle is correct but, honestly and unfortunately, the solution is the only gift I could not give you now, you must be patient and wait until tomorrow to verify it”.

I reminded the jomapil’s post “Interesting!” (in the section Calcudoku General) but I understand that certainly this situation is even more frustrating since it occurs in an 8x8 and “apparently” with only two cells affected (in only one 2-cell cage).

This is the drawing:

and here is the result overlapping this with the correct solution (24 cells affected in fact):


Reedited Apr 08, 2012 to correct a grammatical mistake.

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