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some stats on the "Calcudoku Advanced, volume II" book
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Author:  pnm  [ Sun May 03, 2015 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  some stats on the "Calcudoku Advanced, volume II" book

I thought it could be about time for a volume III, and wanted to run some stats on the submitted puzzles of volume II.

Number of submissions by month:

Oct 2014: 260 (the first on Oct. 16)
Nov 2014: 415
Dec 2014: 383
Jan 2015: 445
Feb 2015: 217
Mar 2015: 282
Apr 2015: 43

About 2% of submissions have comments about the puzzle (mostly about how easy/difficult the puzzle was).

The easiest puzzles: a2s1, a2s2, a2s3 (two 8x8 and one 9x9 single operator puzzle), a2n1 (the first 6x6 no-op),
a2t1, a2t11 (a 6x6 and a 4x4 twin) (so no surprises there [lol] ) (all submitted 18-22 times so far).

The hardest ones:
a2x11 (the 17x17), a2v2 (a 5-star "patterned" 10x10) (both submitted 8 times so far)

submitted 9 times:
a2x10 (the last 15x15), a2g2 (a 6x6 using {-1,....,4} (!)),
a2z17 (a 9x9 from zero), a2m14 (8x8 with mod), a2s16 (9x9 single-op), a2n10 (10x10 no-op),
a2n7 (9x9 no-op), a2e14 (10x10 with exponentiation and zero), a2g5 (11x11 using {-5, ..., 5}

The drop in the number of submissions does suggest it's time for a new volume :-)
(that or I'm not promoting the book enough [huh] )


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