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how to include a picture of a puzzle
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Author:  pnm  [ Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  how to include a picture of a puzzle

(note: updated 15 April 2014 to refer to for image uploading instead of "imageshack")

How to include a picture of a puzzle in a forum post

There are two main steps: (1) get the puzzle into an image file, (2) upload the image file
to "" and link to it from your forum post:

Step 1, get the puzzle into an image file

For users of Windows:

1) make sure the puzzle is visible on the screen
2) press the "Print Screen" button (usually near the very top right of your keyboard)
3) run paintbrush: Start -> Run, type 'pbrush' + Enter
4) press Ctrl+V
5) if not already selected, select the "Rectangle select" tool (2nd icon at the top right of the toolbar)
6) drag out a rectangle around the puzzle
7) press Ctrl+C
8) press Ctrl+N (to the question "Save changes?" answer No)
9) press Ctrl+V
10) press Ctrl+S and type a filename. For "Save as type" select PNG

(note that for Windows there are lots of programs available that make this process simpler,
recommendations welcome)

(Mac users can do this in 1 step:
simply press Command+Shift+4 to take a screenshot of an area of the screen)
(Linux users simply press Alt+Print Screen to save window contents to a file)

Step 2, upload the image file and link to it

In a browser window, start writing your forum post that is to include the puzzle image.

Now go to, click "Computer", then "Browse your computer"
and select the PNG file you just saved.

1) click "Upload"
2) on the next page, select the line below "BBCode (message boards & forums)" and press Ctrl+C
3) go to your forum post, place the cursor where you want the image, and press Ctrl+V

That should do it :-)


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