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Here you can order any number of Calcudoku puzzles, of any size, variation, and difficulty level. You can now also order Killer Sudoku puzzles!

Note: if this is for a regular publication (e.g. weekly, daily), then I can supply puzzles at no cost, in exchange for printing the link.

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Please check out the puzzle site, as well as the special puzzles list for the available puzzle types (feel free to suggest variations).

Each puzzle is unique, and has a single solution. Puzzles and solutions can be provided in any format (for example, PNG, EPS, PDF, etc.).

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This type of puzzle is known as Calcudoku, Newdoku, Rekendoku, MathDoku, Kashikoku-Naru, KenKen, Kendoku, Sumdoku, Calkuro, K-Doku, Keen, NekNek, CanCan, Square Wisdom, Emono, Minuplu, LatinCalc, Yukendo, ArithmeGrid, Hitoshii, Inky, SquareLogic, TomTom, and if you know of any other names, let me know :-). The "no-op" puzzles are sometimes called "Mystery Calcudoku". Of these names, "KenKen" and "KenDoku" are trademarks of Nextoy LLC. Note that this is a hobby site, and is not affiliated with Nextoy nor their brands.