5x5 World Timed Puzzle Rankings

Each day, you will get points for your fastest time for each puzzle size: 5 points for the fastest time, then 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 for 2nd-10th place, 2 points for 11th-25th, and 1 point for everyone else.

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The last 5x5 timed puzzle was solved by:   run     in 1 min 32.354 sec
(Number of solved 5x5 timed puzzles: 841132)

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Today's best times (5x5, World)
1kozibrada14.825 sec
2kzfmtkhs23919.469 sec
3geitje20.146 sec

4angryclown23.362 sec
5ldb24.492 sec
6pnm27.017 sec
7marblevolcano27.089 sec
8natsuyagi29.146 sec
9dehar2834.301 sec
10mby36.912 sec
11gp_2619036.970 sec
12joeyxiv37.602 sec
13mnmn39.016 sec
14kcalc40.246 sec
15aap41.062 sec
16angelwhite42.091 sec
17fuzzystat42.316 sec
18bair43.066 sec
19Heiti 2201644.384 sec
20bram44.388 sec
21mas47.012 sec
22valdevie49.620 sec
23egoego49.862 sec
24mayaknife50.094 sec
25yoshii52.799 sec
26verne55.939 sec
27shiro57.057 sec
28bridger57.836 sec
29bor7771 min 0.101 sec
30ingener1 min 6.568 sec
31nba1 min 6.894 sec
32lemon1 min 7.461 sec
33brum1 min 8.261 sec
34paulv661 min 13.994 sec
35rajkannanr1 min 15.899 sec
36mens1 min 16.905 sec
37Wayne 158991 min 18.559 sec
38aldose1 min 20.757 sec
39yuriko1 min 21.419 sec
40aki1 min 24.924 sec
41mikas1 min 29.212 sec
42mrwash1 min 29.430 sec
43timir31 min 32.076 sec
44run1 min 32.354 sec
45moma31 min 32.419 sec
46iskif1 min 35.165 sec
47Bukri 160741 min 36.262 sec
48hdams521 min 39.599 sec
49dik1 min 43.620 sec
50pontios1 min 45.222 sec
51gval1 min 49.798 sec
52separf2 min 1.669 sec
53Its 201592 min 2.643 sec
54mac582 min 15.293 sec
55muis2 min 20.281 sec
56nashvillebudd2 min 43.000 sec
57frw3 min 39.247 sec
58kaniolo4 min 6.588 sec
59jitoke5 min 24.701 sec
60darrenoon5 min 47.265 sec
61bubi397 min 6.830 sec

Each started but unfinished puzzle is counted as having taken 18 minutes to solve.
If you're curious: my username is pnm

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