5x5 World Timed Puzzle Rankings

Each day, you will get points for your fastest time for each puzzle size: 5 points for the fastest time, then 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 for 2nd-10th place, 2 points for 11th-25th, and 1 point for everyone else.

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The last 5x5 timed puzzle was solved by:   mirka     in 5 min 2.441 sec
(Number of solved 5x5 timed puzzles: 453913)

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Today's best times (5x5, World)
1jpoos10.990 sec
2rafaelhoukes16.969 sec
3angelwhite17.035 sec

4kozibrada18.240 sec
5briga19.663 sec
6Jolla 1815920.185 sec
7aap21.190 sec
8wjgjr24.201 sec
9herc24.964 sec
10angryclown25.427 sec
11kadelson27.140 sec
12bram28.022 sec
13tomc28.898 sec
14curnsington30.409 sec
15marblevolcano31.419 sec
16perelgut32.931 sec
17daiyoko34.293 sec
18manni39.653 sec
19moma339.887 sec
20ddarthez40.636 sec
21leelupin42.191 sec
22fuzzystat43.688 sec
23shiro48.439 sec
24megan51.234 sec
25kuarnold52.654 sec
26default57.815 sec
27fmcs4257.845 sec
28walaykao59.420 sec
29joeyxiv1 min 3.061 sec
30nashvillebudd1 min 3.444 sec
31Wayne 158991 min 3.449 sec
32verne1 min 3.660 sec
33huub1 min 4.740 sec
34beaker1 min 7.073 sec
35ysth1 min 8.322 sec
36fzpowerman471 min 8.334 sec
37nba1 min 8.725 sec
38gpannaci1 min 13.511 sec
39ブーコ1 min 14.133 sec
40malu1 min 15.842 sec
41tedbundy1 min 17.278 sec
42rajkannanr1 min 17.286 sec
43mas1 min 17.950 sec
44mmh1 min 18.455 sec
45ellie1 min 20.924 sec
46lecluyse1 min 21.125 sec
47mikas1 min 21.985 sec
48Heiti 220161 min 25.824 sec
49mona1 min 29.132 sec
5005201 min 37.262 sec
51kend1 min 38.734 sec
52timir31 min 42.663 sec
53hihahoekstraberen1 min 47.606 sec
54sieki101 min 51.487 sec
55nosaj1 min 52.974 sec
569871 min 56.872 sec
57ineedaname2 min 5.192 sec
58jitoke2 min 17.149 sec
59ruffolo2 min 22.717 sec
60Rici 237372 min 24.221 sec
61seendi2 min 49.881 sec
62きよちゃん2 min 53.760 sec
63diane1233 min 1.534 sec
64egoego3 min 20.901 sec
65mirka3 min 33.155 sec
66yuriko4 min 58.790 sec
67ala5 min 17.780 sec
68ptica9 min 32.791 sec
69me46969 min 42.842 sec
70kimkim33 min 20.730 sec
71ric314251 min 13.150 sec

Each started but unfinished puzzle is counted as having taken 18 minutes to solve.
If you're curious: my username is pnm

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